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Online CEU Courses for Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists and Their Crucial Role

Occupational therapists (OTs) help those who struggle with developmental or intellectual disorders overcome obstacles that can severely affect their social, mental, emotional, and physical needs. OTs play a vital role in helping people live their best lives. Adults with intellectual and developmental disorders may experience additional challenges relating to their complex conditions as they age. Life expectancy for these individuals is growing—this is a positive development, but it also means that OTs need a greater understanding of the role comorbidities may play in their client’s future. This may include issues such as decreased mobility, dementia-related conditions, or other challenges unrelated to their I/DD.

Our effective online CEU courses for occupational therapists offer dynamic strategies that help individuals avoid institutionalization. Often, caregivers in these settings aren’t fully equipped to address the person’s complex needs, nor is there a low enough staff-to-resident ratio to give them the attention they require. Ultimately, when you achieve positive developments during OT, you help your clients vastly improve their quality of life.

Why CRA Learning Courses Are Effective

We support OTs with insightful occupational therapy CEU courses—these training modules are designed to educate you on significant historical developments in the field and adapt that history to effective strategies in the present. A diverse team featuring multiple clinical disciplines develops our courses, including occupational therapists. Our goal is to provide OTs with the knowledge and resources they need to learn the best ways to help their clients thrive.

Our occupational therapy online CEU courses include relevant areas of study, such as creating safe and accessible environments for clients and working as a clinical team to lighten the burden for family caregivers. We also strongly believe in the importance of deinstitutionalization, so we strive to offer better education and enlightenment on this topic. Whether you’re an OT or an occupational therapy assistant, our CEUs provide valuable insight.

With our training modules, you’ll receive some of the best OT continuing education online. You can learn more about each of our courses listed below or reach out to our helpful team to ask any questions you have.